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Our School

Grammar school Nymburk is a state school providing quality education to over 600 students divided into 20 classes of four year and eight year education programme. Our priority is the teaching of foreign languages and information and communication technology.
Our school offers teaching of English, German, Russian and French languages, as well as voluntary courses of Russian, Italian and Latin. We also organise student exchange programmes together with our partner schools. Grammar school Nymburk also often takes part in various Eu projects aiming to ever improve the education provided to its students.
Grammar school Nymburk has a total of 31 classes available, including specialised Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories, and Czech and English libraries.
With its 4 specialised information technology classes, Grammar school Nymburk is ready to offer the best education in the field of ICT. Most of our classes are also equipped with multimedia technology, such as video projectors and interactive whiteboards.
Our school has 2 recently rennovated small gyms and has an agreement with the nearby Komenského secondary school for the use of its modern multipurpose hall. For outdoor PE lessons Grammar school Nymburk owns an outdoor tartan playing field.
Grammar school Nymburk offers a wide range of various sport and cultural extracurricular activities, ranging from a school sports club with volleyball and basketball teams, to a theatregoers club and a Debate club. Our students can also participate in a ski course once a year.
For our new students, we organise an adaptation course where they can meet their new classmates and form strong bonds with them during many competitive activities prepared for them.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. / Mahátma Gándhí / motto of school year 2016-17